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Salesforce Whatsapp Connector

Introducing the Intech

Salesforce WhatsApp Connector

Serve your customers who prefer to communicate with your services department via the popular WhatsApp mobile application in real-time and enhance NPS/CSAT scores!

The Intech Salesfore WhatsApp Connector connects your customers with your service agents through the  Service Cloud Console Lightning Components combining the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud, Lightning Platform and WhatsApp Mobile application.

Intech - Salesforce - WhatsApp Integrati

Convenience matters when it comes to contacting customer service centres and the experience may have an ever-lasting effect on customer loyalty. According to the Status of the Connected Customer Report by Salesforce Research 37% of customers prefer messenger apps such as WhatsApp when communicating with the companies.

The Intech Salesforce - WhatApp Connector bridges the gap for Salesforce customers who serve their customers through Service Cloud product and wish to connect with them through the common WhatsApp application. This is made possible via the WhatsApp Business API offering by Facebook which allows customer WhatsApp messages to be exchanged through a registered business number. These messages are then processed bidirectionally by the Intech Salesforce - WhatsApp Connector resulting in a seamless experience for the customers who prefer to communicate with companies through this widely-used app.


  • Officially supported integration solution that utilizes WhatsApp Business API

  • Lightning Component-based User Interface that provides WhatsApp user experience to Call Center agents

  • Omni-Channel enabled

  • Notification engine through a Utility Bar component that utilises Platform Events

  • Complex Apex logic that manages Case & Account matching, Contact validation, media processing, token renewal and messaging templates

  • Utilizes Lightning framework and its new, modern components (no third party CSS or JS libraries)

  • Supports all media types that are supported by the WhatsApp Business API in both directions


  • Quickly introduce one of the most favourite contact channels for your interactions with customers

  • Cost-effective solution with one-off pricing with no recurring costs

  • Supports both inbound and agent-initiated messaging

  • Easy adoption for Call Center agents through a familiar WhatsApp-like chat box featuring sent, delivered and read ticks

  • Built on native Salesforce technologies and WhatsApp Business API

  • Scalable solution that is proven to work tens of thousands of WhatsApp messages a day

Easy-to-use, familiar WhatsApp-like User Interface coupled with powerful Lightning Console features

The solution provides an easy-to-use, WhatsApp-like interface inside a Lightning Component within the Lightning Console allowing your agents to interact with your customers efficiently.

Salesforce WhatsApp Case.png

Due to its slightly different nature to a real-time chat session a WhatsApp conversation requires a mechanism which alerts the agent of a response on the ongoing conversation even though the Case tab is out of focus or even closed.


The WhatsApp Notifier does just that - it notifies the agent when a response is received from the customer on an ongoing conversation when the agent may be busy with another case. The notifier allows the agent to navigate to the relevant Case record directly without having to close any existing tabs.

Salesforce WhatsApp Case Reminder.png

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